On Sunday 15 May 2022, Titus Brandsma – along with nine others – was canonised. This canonisation confirms that Titus Brandsma is a truthful example for the global faith community. As Dutch Carmelite Family, we joyfully celebrated this canonisation, both in Rome and in our local communities.

The canonisation of Titus Brandsma is a wonderful step in our efforts to keep the memory of him and his thought alive. People all over the world have learned about the life and works of Titus Brandsma, and many have come to know him as an inspiration. We especially remember how he worked for solidarity and peace, how he fought for truth and justice and how he gave his life out of love for God and people.

We pray that Saint Titus may be a support
for people in need,
a source of inspiration
for those seeking peace and justice,
a guide on our path,
today and all days.